Essay of Definition - Freedom

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Andrew Near 10-17-12 English Essay of definition – Freedom What is freedom? Is it an absolute right? Freedom is defined in many ways and it varies from culture to culture. Some define freedom as a natural right that every human is born with. Everyone wants to experience freedom and independence. The definition of freedom can be extended through the use of denotative meanings, connotative meanings, and other people’s definition. With freedom comes responsibility and freedom is choice, without choice freedom cannot be experienced. Freedom can be given as easily as it can be taken. The Denotative meaning of freedom can be expressed through the dictionary definition, through antonyms and synonyms from the thesaurus, and from a negative definition. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines freedom as “the state of being free from the control or power of another.” But freedom cannot be defined that easily. While The thesaurus tries to define freedom with the use of synonyms like liberty and self-government. Liberty and self-government are both parts of freedom, both are required to have freedom. Liberty allows U.S. citizens to have the right to choose how they live their life. Self-government allows the United States to give its citizens so many rights and the ability to experience freedom on a day to day basis. During captivity and servitude a man is stripped of his freedom and is forced to obey the person that is denying them their natural right. If you cannot choose when you want to eat, if you cannot choose where you want to live, if every day of your life you are told what you can and cannot do then you are not experiencing freedom(#5 if clause). Freedom is not having every aspect of your life controlled by another person. Freedom does not give The connotative meaning can be expressed through the use of personal details such as sensory
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