Essay of a Barack Obama Speech.

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Essay of a Barack Obama speech: Back to School event. Some people grew up, under hard circumstances, and maybe you don’t know that the president actually did. In the speech to school-kids, Obama starts to reflect on his own childhood, and his hard memories from Singapore, where he lived a few years. His mother didn’t have the economy to send him, at the schools where the American kids where attending. He mentions that, when he was younger it was hard for him to wake up, and he understands if someone at the crowd is dreaming, of the bed and some more sleep. He was home-schooled and woke up and studied before his mother went to work, he had a tough childhood for sure. He uses a lot of Pathos in the text. He uses himself as a victim, and uses emotions to express his speech, which I think work excellent to kids on this age. They feel like they are lucky and rich enough to attend a school, and maybe start to realize, that not everyone got the opportunities to study. Close to every sentence he mentions himself, and start the sentence with ”I”. To use himself as a victim, and they look at him now; the first black president. He gets the children to think, and maybe getting them to make their homework and spend more time during them. One thing that is important to highlight, is that he say that no matter which talent they got, they can be used in the future, and develop cures to lethal infections The way he build up his speech, affect that kids get sorry on his background, and are now willing to spend more time during their homework, and don’t let them stress about it, because that Obama says: ”We need every single one of you…”, he gives them hope and the strength to keep on fighting. He remind them of that, if they quit school, they don’t just leave down themselves, they do also leave down their whole country, so once more he makes the children know, that they

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