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The scariest nightmare ever. It was the nightmare on Halloween, goblins and ghost and other scary things, witches on flying brooms and skeletons that hang, Watching for ghost and waiting for candy. Oh Halloween!! Oh Belial!! My nightmare experience was about when I was home alone in the middle of the autumn and there was a drench outside. I woke up and felt extremely thirsty. I went downstairs to get some water. It was dark in the kitchen and I didn't turn on any lights except the lights coming out from the fridge. I soon drank up the water, turned around and was about on my way to the bed. Suddenly before I knew anything of it I felt a cold feeling behind my neck. I turned around of course which I soon would regret. In front of me sitting on the kitchen table there was a black shape. It was like a man BUT it wasn’t a man. I got paralyzed by chock but I could see that eyeless, faceless dark shape slowly rising up from the table, VERY SLOWLY and started to walk towards me. It wasn’t a walk but I just can’t explain how, all I knew is it was coming closer. As soon as I felt back to myself again I turned around like a lightning speed. The only thing I had in mind was to “GET OUT OF THERE”. I was running like hell towards the door which lead to out of my house at incredible speed I never imagine I could run. Now this is the shit! I was running and running, I could see the door in front of me BUT I NEVER GOT TO IT. I got panicked but kept running. In the meanwhile I turned my face back to look at it, it was just coming closer and closer and closer. I screamed out load and then I suddenly woke up in my own pool of sweat! It was very scary dream! I’ll never forget! I had thought this big thing was a dream. I looked around and wondered no body was behind .Suddenly I heard a scream from that kitchen, WAS IT ME??? WAS IT

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