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Introduction In 1942 the history of CCTV started in Germany by Siemens Company when Walter Bruch who is German engineer noted that CCTV recording systems still depend on voice recording (Dornberger, 1954). In addition he tried to improve it to video recording. New York was the first city which used CCTV system in1968. It was working in main streets and in police stations, Then in 1987 King's Lynn was the first town which was installed CCTV system in the UK (Turner et al, 1998). Nowadays, CCTV is important to install in many different places such as police stations, banks and stores. In the UK it is compulsory, as part of security to have CCTV cameras in different places. CCTV has improved which is suitable for any different environments even though for highly volatile environments with High quality of recording.(eds,c2009[online]).In addition workers in CCTV rooms are highly qualified to face any operation(Osborn, 2005). Function of CCTV As it is known CCTV system has many differences aims which are related with saving humanity by reduce crimes to achieve peace .According to lawful which is looking for drop crimes, deter criminals, obtain save life and healthy internment. (The royal borough of Windsor and maidenhead, c2009 [online]). In terms of the aims of CCTV it can be seen that there is some situation of CCTV aims which called peaceful purposes such as traffic movement and run crowded areas (Newburn & Hayman, 2002). Does CCTV reduce crime The idea of CCTV to reduce crime has many opinions. AS I mentioned in the introduction even though with difference using of it .The majority of researcher's opinions believe that CCTV system really helpful to reduce crimes. According to (UK Statistics' report, 2005), the crimes have increased in cities which have CCTV system from other. That means it effective way to face any crime's problems. In addition, Phillip (1999)

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