Essay On Killings by Andre Dubus

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In reading the fiction story “Killings” written by Andre Dubus, you think the two characters Matt Fowler and Richard Strout are very different. Dubus has the reader sympathetic towards Matt though the tragic death of his son Frank, and less feelings towards Richard. However, midway through the story you begin to compare Fowler and Strout and how they; love their family deeply, want revenge on the wrong that was done to them, and seek out homicidal justice. Matt Fowler’s love for his family is evident. I believe that Dubus wants us to know that Fowler loved his wife. He was concerned for his wife, because she was always seeing Strout in the streets and it was causing her such pain. But Matt loved his children so much that he becomes afraid for them. “He had always been a fearful father, when his children were young.” It wasn’t until Fowler and Strout were driving together toward Stout’s home we see that Strout still loves his soon to be ex wife. It is clear even as the two characters walk through Stout’s duplex, and the picture of his family and his wife’s smile which showed happiness. I believe that Stout wants to remember the time when he and his family were happy together. He keeps his house clean in false hopes that his family will return or for a new girl in his life. From the beginning of the story when talking to his friend Willis, Matt Fowler’s revenge is the goal. We are set up the whole time wanting Matt to revenge his son. We feel the pain that Matt and his wife Ruth are going through and we want Matt. All the while, Dubus is sneaking details of Richard Stout to make him the big bad guy. He gave Frank a warning by beating him, because Frank is taking away his happy family away from him. “I wanted to try to get together with her again…I couldn’t even talk to her. He was always with her.” Matt Fowler and Richard Strout are two men wanting justice
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