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The exhausting process of the job hunt. Why is it so hard to find a job these days? You would think with technology improving every day we could just hop on the internet and in a few clicks have a job within our abilities and skill level. If only it where that easy. Many people spend all day everyday for weeks, months or years trying to find a job. Eventually finding it so tedious they just plain flat out give up the search. Only to have to raise the white flag go to the unemployment office and say "check please". Even if you are lucky enough to find a job odds are unless you have lots of experience, prior knowledge or a college degree you will be getting an entry level job.Earning minimum wage or not much more than that.Certainly not enough to live on these days single or married.It seems as if the odds are already against us and it doesn't help that our economy is just about at it's lowest any of us have ever seen. For quite some time now the story is the same every day. The evening news casts its daily story on the growing unemployment rate. The only thing that changes from day to day is the number of unemployed workers and large firms cutting jobs. Companies are reducing positions by laying off workers. Some businesses are completely closing their doors. It doesn't help that the effects of unemployment spill over into other areas of the economy. When people are can't find work, they have less disposable income causing a lower demand for nonessential goods and services. With drops in spending by consumers, businesses may be forced to look at ways to cut costs in order to keep their doors open. One way to reduce expenses is to lay off more workers, resulting in a seemingly endless cycle as even fewer families are able to spend money to regenerate the companies’ business levels. Leaving even fewer jobs to hunt for and more people to look for

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