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Experiencing something you never have experience can be scary. I had a bloodcurdling experience I was in a shipwreck on a deserted island for a month with only my backpack. I was full of dread; I looked in my bag and found water that can last me for a couple of days until I find water. I had sweats and I thought to myself this can come in handy for protection. My folder and paper can be useful for many things for, example gives me shade. There is always a first time for everything even to experiences the unexpected. Obviously, I had water in my backpack and it lasted me for a couple of days. I ran out of water and I was extremely thirsty, but as I was walking under the hot sun I heard a river. I walked a lot and I was exhausted I tried looking around to see if I can find the river and I did it was just up ahead. I run over to the water and got my hands and started drinking some water. When I finished drinking water there were to men that were walking towards me they were strange and didn’t talk at all like if they never learn how to speak. At this level, I was a friend with Justin and Jose wills that’s what I called them like they couldn’t talk and tell me their names I started calling them that. I when out to look for them when a sand storm hit and luckily I had my sweats to protect my skin because if I didn’t I would seriously get hurt because of how high-speed the sands going. When I found my friend Jose alone died in the ground, when Justin comes and thinks I killed him and he attacked me. I didn’t want to fight him but he wanted to kill me so I started using my karate skills on him. He was strong he stood up every time I would hit him but then the only way I could of end it was by killing him so I got my sweats and put it around his neck and twisted his head and that cost him to die, I didn’t want to kill him but I had too. In this situation, I haven’t

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