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Often as college student, many of us try to pull all niters and must work hard during late nights. During these periods, we feel most tired probably around the middle night, and tend to want to dose off. As the night goes on though, and we stay awake, day soon comes and a new energy seems to rush in and boost us up out of nowhere. This strange feeling is because our circadian rhythm. This is like a natural clock in our body’s which basically tells us how and when to react, as if we had a normal days rest. What happens is as morning comes our body temperatures rise, giving us more and more energy till we reach our peak before mid-day. This peak is called our circadian arousal, and is when thinking is best and memory is at an all high. Soon after the cycle begins to spiral down, usually around after noon when most people nap, and even quicker after an all nighter, until we ultimately sleep. At night our sleep cycle can also be disrupted, even as we sleep, by bright lights. Do you ever find yourself waking up in the middle of the night because someone leaves a light on or a car passes by, then not be able to sleep; this is caused by a disruption in our internal clocks. When light hits us in the morning, hormones begin to react and make melatonin, what makes us fall asleep decrease, ultimately waking us up. The same thing happens with bright lights, for they bring the same effect, causing the disruption of our sleep cycle. The melatonin cuts down, and in the end we cant sleep, well until we at least re-stabilize our internal

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