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Graydon Morris Critique: After reviewing the Shakespeare essay, the author does a good job at states their main point and making it very clear to the readers. However, I found the essay hard to follow because of the structure of the essay and how the author expressed their back up points. I knew after reading the first paragraph that the essay would need some editing. The author starts off strong by explaining Shakespeare’s early education but then jumps right into his/her thesis statement. You should never state your thesis in the form of a question; instead make it a general statement. Another problem within the opening paragraph was the three main points. It was hard to determine what his/her main points were because of the way they were introduced. The main points should be laid out so that the reader can determine what each body paragraph will be about without even having to read them. The body paragraphs were not as hard to follow but the author should have indented each paragraph indicating he/she is ready to move onto a new topic. The research the author used to back up his/her main points within each body paragraph gave me the feeling that the work was rushed and quickly put together. The author has way too much information about one point. They should have found one piece of information and simply related it to the main point. In the concluding paragraph, the author does a good job summarizing the body paragraphs but still has too much information creating run on sentences. The author makes strong points throughout the essay but needs help organizing and putting together the information so that everything flows properly. ISP Novel The novel I chose for the ISP is “The Outsiders”, by S.E. Hinton. I have begun to read the novel and I am already very intrigued with the story. The book is about a young fourteen-year-old boy named Ponyboy Curtis who lives

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