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2. Delprøve – Engelsk B Opgave b – Write an essay about the story 'Ernie Breaks' The short story ' Ernie Breaks' is written by Genevieve Scott and was published in 2011. It's about the ten year old Cara, who gets a turtle named Ernie as a 'Passing present'. She is not good at math, and she gets a temper when a girl in her school is bullying her. Despite this she is a good hearted person, who is trying her best both in math and taking care of Ernie. She doesn't like the way that Jed, her brother, is playing around with him and that he hasn't cleaned the tank. The story takes place in the store where they buy Ernie, at the school and at home. The environment is very normal, the family isn't rich and they aren't poor either. The mother is working and the kids go to school. There is a small tension between Cara and Jed, which is very normal for siblings. They are therefore ignoring each other and acting up. Cara is the main character, and as I said, she is a good hearted person and only ten years old. She doesn't want to be called a little child. This is shown in line 15-16 ““isn't Gary's store neat?” Mom says, like I'm six years old.” And she also wants a puppy, because she thinks that she is old enough to take care of one. She admires her brother, but she is also sad and a bit angry that he isn't good to Ernie. This is shown in the way that she is trying to get his attention and she feels sad that she is being ignored by him. Jed is older than Cara, and he is a typical big brother – ignores his sister and tries to be cool and tough in front of his friend. The friend, Toby, is also acting tough. e. g. he is saying “Don't be so gay” (line 120), when Cara is telling them that they will hurt Ernie if they make him fly through the air. The mother is trying to be a good mom, though it doesn't always succeed. She is rewarding the kids for passing another semester, and

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