Essay: Educating Rita

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Essay Planning: Educating Rita By: Anders Bergstøl Essay Question: What do you find to admire in the character of Rita? What do you consider less admirable? Susan also called Rita, is the contrasting main character in the stage comedy written by Willy Russell. Throughout the book, we generally follow two widely contrasting characters, Frank and Rita. Rita are instantly introduced as a straightforward woman, with realistic views, embossed by her career as a hairdresser, she comes to the Open university with stubborn will to do develop her life, to get rid of the old, and push her potentials. However Rita, is, not really “study material”. She has a simplistic vocabulary, broad dialect, inappropriate way of behaviour considering university standards and she is hilariously dead honest. Frank, the depressed, miserable, drunk professor set to coach Rita, sees that if Rita will ever have a chance of becoming a student, he would have to change her personality to. Furthermore, Rita herself sees that becoming a student, would eventually push her out of her comfort zone. Being a midget amongst giants proves to be difficult regardless of her outgoing person and stubborn attitude. One of her vulnerabilities is that she is weak towards authority, she is good at coping with people at her own level or class, however when it comes to authority based figures like students, or her boyfriend, her self confidence seems to be swept away from her feet, she obey them against her will, and dare not talk to them, the only exception is Frank, as they create a complex relationship throughout the play. Furthermore, another weakness, is that she are not certain of who she is, her identity flaw, by calling herself Rita instead of Susan is a clear proof of that. Eventually Rita manages to develop, she actually, through her many lessons with Frank manages to get a grip of who she is, breaks
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