Essay Comparing The US And US Constitutions

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Comparing the US and UK constitutions (Bennett – US Government and Politics pages 32-34) There are six basic characteristics of the US Constitution: * It is codified, a single document, running more than 7,000 words- under 20 printed pages – which contains the nation’s constitutional arrangements. * It is based on the principle of the federal division of powers with some significant powers being vested in the national (federal) government with other significant powers being vested in the state governments. * It is based upon a strict separation of powers – or rather ‘separate institutions, sharing powers’. * It is a presidential * It is based on the principle of popular sovereignty, a system of government in which the people’s voice is…show more content…
* The extent to which the UK has a unitary system of government is debatable following Britain’s membership of the EU and devolution within the UK. * Constitutional reform is debated in both the US and the UK. However, the debate is often in different areas. * In the US, constitutional reform usually comes of calls for further amendments to the Constitution. These have included proposals to balance the federal budget, ban flag desecration, permit prayers in state-run schools and preserve the traditional concept of marriage. But these are all policy matters. In terms of reform of the workings of government, the most frequently talked about proposals for reform have concerned term limits for members of Congress, a line-item veto power for the president, and reform or abolition of the Electoral College as a means of electing the
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