Essay Comparing The Crucible And My Antonia

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Tayler Meszaros Mr. Williams Block D April 1 Keep on Dreaming The American/Canadian dream is something everyone wants. In order to conquer the American/Canadian dream one may have to struggle against society. Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a great novel that shows how people battle against society to live their dream. This novel compares well with Willa Cather’s My Antonia and O Pioneers, and Joy Kogawa’s Obasan. In each of the stories the characters are tested with difficulties such as racism, prejudice, death, or love affairs. These novels show how deeply treasured the American/Canadian dream really is and how much of a struggle it can be to pursue it. Cather’s style of writing is based on her personal experiences with the world. In My Antonia she portrayed…show more content…
Joy Kogawa’s Obasan was a journey though history as we saw how the Japanese immigrants suffered during World War 2. Naomi was the protagonist and the narrator of the novel, Kogawa chose the narrator to be the protagonist as well because it lets the reader know what the character was really feeling and experiencing. Naomi’s uncle died at the beginning of the novel and her family moves back to Japan. Naomi is sent to Alberta to work on a beet field in the internment camp. The characters in Obasan were being forced by their aunt Obasan to keep their culture while society was telling them to change and fit in. Both novels had a problem with society; society was always trying to control everyone and this was an issue Obasan and The Crucible share. Naomi’s brother had a hard time in school, he was being persecuted with racist remarks. Even after WW2 many Canadian citizens were very racist to Japanese Canadians and this made it very hard for them to succeed in life. The people of Salem weren’t persecuted with racist remarks but with the accusation of being a witch or being involved with the
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