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Courtney Gray September 27, 2012 HIST 1301 Essay Assignment #1 Colonization was the earliest example of settlers building areas that would ensure their survival. The cities and towns that we are familiar with in modern times are the evolved examples of what the settlers had when they first began to lay the foundation of the country that we live in today. When comparing and contrasting the colonies it becomes clear that the settlers shared many ideas on birthing a colony and that they also had their own different ideas of how to go about the complicated process. No matter the approach to the beginning of our country we cannot help but conclude that the challenges that the settlers overcame were done so in a way that made a strong and lasting country. Jamestown, Plymouth, and Massachusetts Bay were three of the earliest successful colonies. Each one consisted of different types of people. They all came over from England with permission and instruction from their government. Jamestown was an attempt to colonize after previous failed attempts. They were there to find gold, other valuables, and to find a water passage to the Orient. Plymouth was a group of English that consisted of more woman and children than Jamestown. They were there to…show more content…
Jamestown was not searching for religious freedom but was still religious. They came with the intent to spread Christianity to the Native Americans that lived there and to convert them accordingly. Many simply followed the religious path that they had when they lived in England without any reason to convert to some other form. Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay voyaged to the New World for mainly religious purposes. The Pilgrims of Plymouth fled England to practice their separate religious beliefs in peace. Similarly, the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay colony defected from England to be able to practice their own beliefs away from the persecution of the King of

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