Essay On The Blue Man

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Essay on “The Blue Man” Leaving people behind and moving forward can be a very hard situation to cope with for many people. Especially if you have just settled down after spending a lot of your childhood searching for acceptance and support. In the short story “The Blue Man” by Gillian Clarke from 2003 we are introduced to a girl, who is living as a boarder at a cottage, where she finally experience acceptance and support. But when it’s time for her to leave and move forward, she has a hard time leaving the nuns at the cottage behind. But the sisters give her a small blue man figure, which becomes a vital part of her new life. The main character isn’t described directly very much, but she is presumably a girl, as she is living with nuns at The Finches’ Cottage. When she was younger, the cottage was the last house on her paper route, and she was always invited inside and served a meal. When she was twelfth, her mother and father split, and instead of moving with her mother, she decided to become a boarder and was lucky to be lodged at the Finches’ Cottage. The house is described as a very idyllic and old place, and to some it might not seem that beautiful. ”A rambling wooden bungalow with a veranda that ran all around it. It boomed like a dull drum, thudded, rattled and breathed. Every footstep echoed on the boards of the long central corridor.” The nuns managing it are former teachers and are quite well traveled and cultural. Even though the nuns might seem a little dull to some people, the main character gets along very well with them, and they almost become her second parents. Throughout her childhood her relationship with her mother has been very dysfunctional. We learn from quotes, that the mother has thrown out books that she liked, and it seems that she never supported and understood her interests. Therefore she seems quite happy, when she becomes
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