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Maikel Hampton Andrew Barlow Sociology 08 December 2014 Essay on Power Politics In Power and Politics there were many supporters and non-supporters of the Big Damns in India. There were many pros and cons for the Dam projects that did not really benefit the people of India. It more so actually made their conditions worse than it already was. With the dams it would provide money into India, which eventually wouldn’t really would become more cons than pros for them. It also began to globalize. By globalizing in India they were going to make changes about electricity and other products as well as certain things about other cultures and how it could positively impact their country. India was a country that had little to know electricity, which eventually led them to stealing from higher companies. When this happened it displaced many families which cause them to be homeless by having them more from their farms and villages to put in the dam building as well as electricity. Basically power companies came to industrialized India because for first they had they knew that it would be easy for them to financially to get their attention as well as through the back rooms of politics. Which in reality you learned that the companies where only thinking of themselves and how they can make more money as well as keeping it in their pockets. The power companies began to private resources and some of their infrastructures. The policies that were given from the power their natural resources to private companies that originally brought in wealth to their country. When this happened they had to pay their debts with interests rather than getting money. Basically the Dam Building pros were money, pride, modernization, and electricity. As for their cons they made electricity more expensive for the Indians to afford, the privatize their water which resulted in many deaths and

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