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Essay Assignment 4 Part 1- In the Baroque period the music consisted of one main mood throughout, if it begins with grief it will end with grief. It usually consisted of joy, grief, and agitation. The rhythm of the baroque music was continuity, in other words what is heard at the beginning of the piece will be continued throughout the entire piece. The melody is also a feeling of continuity. It is constant and has a continuous expanding, unfolding, and unwinding of melody. Usually the dynamics shift suddenly, like stepping from one step to another. The texture is predominantly polyphonic. It is usually played by at least two instruments. Part 2- • Terraced Dynamics- Abrupt alternating between loud and soft dynamic levels; characteristics of baroque music • Basso Continuo- Baroque accompaniment made up of a bass part usually played by two instruments: a keyboard plus a low melodic instrument • Concerto Grosso- Composition of several instrument soloists and small orchestra; common in late baroque music • Tutti- in Italian, all; the full orchestra, or a large group of musicians contrasted with a smaller group; often heard in baroque music • Fugue- Polyphonic composition based on the main theme, or subject • Subject- Theme of a fugue • Episodes- Transitional section in a fugue between presentations of the subject, which offers either new material or fragments of the subject or counter subject • Castrati Secco and Accompanied Recitatives- a male singer, especially in the 18th century, castrated before puberty to prevent his soprano or contralto voice range from changing. Part

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