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Preliminary: English Assessment Task 1: Language Study within an Area of Study The Journey Greeting ladies and gents. I'm sure you all have gone through some kind of journeys, whether spiritually or physically, voluntarily or involuntarily. I'm sure we all agree life is a journey we all have to take on. During each stages of our life we may take on some new ideas and travel onto new journeys, we explore these journeys, learn from the journeys, we overcome difficulties and gain new insights of ourselves and the world. Journeys empower& change people. The journeys we took have made us who we are today, these journeys extended our experiences and forms our perspectives. What I have just said are my understanding of journeys, they are my perspectives, personal opinions of journeys from what I have experienced. I would like to mention two journeys that influenced my life the most. My family migrated to Australia 6 years ago, when we first arrived everything were new to us. We were starting a new journey in a new country, during the 6 years I encountered obstacles such as learning English, get use to the customs of this country but with the great help from teachers I was able to get through it quickly. I also gained a lot of experiences as I adapt myself into this new culture. I traveled around the country, met new people and gained many other new experiences that I would not have had if I was to stay in China. I also took on another journey as I went back to China again in 2006 (here's a picture of the journey I took) It was at a training camp and in that picture we had to march cross provinces, we traveled 3 thousand kilometers in 5 months. From the journey I learnt to appreciate the comfortable life I have in Australia and gained new insights of myself as I challenged myself something that seemed impossible to achieve before. Recently I

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