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Anjyla Morrison 1st Period AP English Literature & Composition Mrs. Mary Beth Ferrell 1. What, if any, obstacles or hardships have you encountered? How have these impacted or enhanced your perspective on life? A mutilated heart, discombobulated mind, tantalized emotions, and an unstabalized mind-set, are just some of the emotions I felt that left me with nothing but a wounded, washed-up figure to contain all the inadequate elements inside. This is what I had to deal with when I went through the rigorous challenge of almost losing my father. Being nourished by my father since birth made it extremely difficult for me to detach myself from him. From the warm, soft, eloquentness of his voice to the blissfulness of his personality,…show more content…
One day in class, I got a disturbing message from my mother saying “Your aunt is on her way to get you.” Befuddled and stumped, I disregarded my teacher and rushed to wait for my aunt. Rushing to the hospital with my aunt, I found out my father was the reason. Infuriated, flabbergasted, and puzzled: all of these emotions crawled into my skin as I went to see my father. A rare disease of Thyroid-Storm, known as Hyper Thyroidism, making the heat beat excessively while dramatically losing weight caused his thyroid to become out of control. A lifeless soul, a tremulous body with yellowish eyes, is what I saw. He was hospitalized for three months; I felt as if the devil himself grasped my internal happiness right out of my soul and ripped it away. No longer did I have my upbeat father by my side; all that was left was a lifeless figure battling to stay alive. My father’s catastrophe became a life lesson to me. I never once valued my health nor the people surrounding me until his crisis happened. This even caused me to appreciate the people that are in my life and why there here. As I became more benevolent, life became more meaning to me. Before life meant for me to reach my career goal. Now my purpose, my perspective, my outlook on life has enhanced and made me become more aware and open-minded of my surroundings and the people in
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