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We Are Bound for the Promised Land is a story about a young girl named Eilean Macleod who lives on a small farm with her father, her mother and her two older sisters. The story deals with themes such as religion and rules. Religion plays a big role in the everyday life of the MacLeod, with the father being a priest religion is so important that almost everything in their house is dominated by it, even down to the tiniest details such as if it is a sin to peel your potatoes. Furthermore the lives of the MacLeods are also dominated by many rules and members of the family will be punished hard if not abiding by the rules set by the father. The rules have even left its marks on various family members. The mother and the middle child seems to be persons who do what they are being told without a question, while the oldest child instead has become more strict at tries to decide as soon as the father is not nearby. Leaving Eilean as the only one fighting to keep just the small amount of freedom she has left. Eilean MacLeod is the protagonist in the story. She lives on a small farm in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Eilean is the youngest of three sisters, the other two being Fiona and Mary. She is a bit of a tomboy because her only friends are two boys named Angus Munro and Lewis Campell, to much distress for her father who would rather prefer that she befriends girls instead. Indications show that she has not yet reached puberty as she still often plays at the beach and with her two friends of opposite sex. She is also still childish in many ways i.e. when she sticks her tongue out at her sister or the way she stubbornly refuses having a boyfriend. She is the daughter of a priest and this means that she has to live a very strict life and abide by many rules. The family in which Eilean lives is a very religious one. Her father is probably a catholic priest judging

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