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Kuwait Travel Guide Kuwait is a country in the Middle East and to be precise it is at the head of the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait is a dry desert so it has really hot summers but windy winters. There are several ways you can enter Kuwait. First, you can enter by going on a plane. There are 35 countries that are allowed to have their visa upon their arrival but others need advanced visas. Also, you can enter Kuwait by the Saudi or Iraqi borders. Those living in Bahrain or in Qatar can go to Kuwait by car through Saudi. You can also enter by bus as there are 3 bus lines and one can take you to other GCC countries. Those living in Iran sometimes use the boat route. There is a ferry that goes 3 times a week to Kuwait. Kuwait is a city where you would find all the attractions and activities in the center, Kuwait city. Road systems in Kuwait have signs in English and Arabic. You can use…show more content…
As they have Hunting and Equestrian clubs close to AlJahra. In those clubs, you would usually find Bedouins. Close to the Hunting club, you can find the Sahara club. The Sahara is usually always full with Americans. It is a gulf club featuring five star restaurants and spas. There is a huge variety of restaurants in Kuwait. It is known for its endless amounts of restaurants. Moreover, it even has a road famous called “Restaurant road” because its filled with restaurants. They have traditional restaurants like Freej Suwaileh and AlMarsa. There is no alcohol in Kuwait under any circumstances as it is prohibited in Islam. Be careful: • Do not talk about the Emir of Kuwait even though Kuwait has a law of freedom of speech. All citizens love the king endlessly. • Do not talk about Iraq or take pictures of their borders • Do not eat in public in Ramadhan, the holy month. This might cause you to be fined • Staying in Kuwait might cost you a lot. You must choose the right places to go to and not follow the people. They are always used to the expensive

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