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1. Early life of Steve jobs Steve Jobswas born on February 24 in1995 in San Francisco,California. He was adopted by Clara and Paul jobs they named him Steven Paul jobs. He was very intelligent .He got his early education from elementary school. When Jobs was a young boy jobs and his father used to work in a family garage. His father taught him that how to reconstruct improved Steve’s mechanical powersand these skills proved to be very useful in his future life. After a few years Steve jobs was enrolled in homestead high school and he was introduced with his future partner Steve Wozniak. They both loved electronics. Therefore they spent a happy life with each other. After his high school he was enrolled in Reed College in 1976 he and Wozniak joined apple computers. He provided the best guidance to this company. He reduced the size and improved the performance of machines .but he left apple due to some issues in1985.on October 5, 2011 apple announced that jobs…show more content…
I have read about him in detail about his early life and professional life as well.I learnt that a good leader should have much more confidence so that he may lead his workers in a proper way and may also teach them that how to spend their lives in a self-Relying manner.All his methods and working capabilities should be adaptable so that people may follow his actions and may avail his good qualities by following him. He should be very polite and behave others in a nice way so that the people may not feel shy in expressing their feelings and emotions in the most open way. A good leader should always wait for the right time for the right action. So that he and his people may be able to avail the real fruit of that action. A good leader should have a matchless vision he should be worried for today as well as for the future. Steve Jobs had all these qualities that’s why people still remember him as a good

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