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Schoolies Problems: Alcohol - Widely considered a week long alcohol binge, schoolies week is most criticized for excessive drinking and problems that flow from this. In 1995, 75% of male schoolies and 53% of female schoolies report being drunk most or every day or night of Schoolies Week. More recently laws have been changed at a Federal level increasing the tax on pre-mixed spirits, and at a state level in Queensland to focus on parents supplying alcohol to their children in an irresponsible way. Fines issued by Police related to alcohol laws have raised considerable funds for state governments, particularly at Gold Coast Schoolies year over year the policing of these offences has increased and the revenue has increased proportionally.…show more content…
Local tourist focused businesses catering to traditional tourists have complained of Schoolies only spending their tourist dollars at limited outlets. However the history of Schoolies reveals that Schoolies Week was a non-peak tourist slot that was otherwise a down time for tourism. Gold Coast locals generally avoid the tourist hub in peak times, Schoolies has been criticized as local community members completely avoid the Schoolies precinct wherever possible. A familiar tone has rung at many destinations Schoolies dominate in, questioning the benefit and community impact of Schoolies Week. Other community impact issues surrounding Schoolies Week include noise, litter, vandalism and damage to hotel and other property. Cults and Evangelists - Evangelist groups are drawn to the large assembly of young 'sinners' and they regularly harass schoolies. Suicide and other deaths - There has been approximately one schoolies related death each year over the past decade. In some cases balcony

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