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The Reconstruction The reconstruction is a topic that many had their own topics about. From the violence to apathy the result of a well tried plan to restore America and to stop the division of America. The reconstruction a era after the civil war it started as president Lincoln wanted one nation one dream as to come together be as one and not be divided but after the assassination of Lincoln a man by the name of Andrew Jackson the successor of president Lincoln had other views of that vision that Lincoln had . It started as a revolution to bring one country together but as people found out Johnson a very devious man repulsed just the thought of the negroes as equal to them and did everything in his power to abolish that idea.…show more content…
They lived in fear if they were to help the freed slaves because the hatred towards the freed slaves , such as the Ku Klux Klan that’s why the poor whites and farmers in the south were afraid of helping they didn’t want to lose their crops. In one case one farmers crop was burned down as the result of helping the freed slaves . The Ku Klux kidnap supporters and would lynch them. The north were getting tired of the reconstruction era , a lot of them thought that the south should deal with its own problems. One of the individuals that everybody is familiar with and talk about, but if u really understand what he really stand for and what he wanted for the country then you really say he is one of the greatest gentlemen to walk the earth I am talking about president Abraham Lincoln . He was A peacemaker a world changer he lived firm in what he believed in and died firm in what he stand for and that was the reconstruction he pushed hard so we can be united .Mr. Lincoln wanted slavery abolished he stand for peace, unity and justice and that’s why he wanted reconstruction for our country. The reconstruction truthfully got to its potential. Without those men who wanted the best for our country we wouldn’t be where we are now . Reconstruction got our country were it should be as a country we should rejoice in what a great nation we are and give thanks to our forefathers who fought the reconstruction of
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