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Essay about nano technologies Reports about the future science often use expressions like nanotechnology or nano-materials. What is meant by this words, and are we really facing to a new age of science by exploring this technology like often predicated? The following essay should help to find out a little overview. Nano technology means the science working in atomic order up to 100 nanometers (1nm is a billionth part of a meter).In this dimensions the properties of volume become less important, while the properties of surface are more dominating. That means materials could reveal some completely different attributes like they would usually show. For example Aluminum: Cut into nano parts, it tends to explode. There are some attempts trying to use this effect, for example as a propulsion unit in a rocket. Actually nano-technology has already been used in a lot of products since more than 40 years. Additives in many coatings and plastics consist of nano sized particles. But the “Nano Hype” which has started in the last few years concerns other opportunities than these. For example in the medical sector: Nano particles can be used as contrast medium for computer tomography, or as an option to transport meds. It could also help in fight against cancer. Small nano sized balls, which consist of silicon vaporized with gold could work in a injection to the bloodstream. They will only rest in the parts of the body where tumors are. You can destroy the tumors by heating the balls up with a magnetic field, while the healthy tissue around is not becoming damaged. A very impressive example for working nano-techs is the so called Lotus effect coming from the nature. The special shaped surface of these materials prevent liquids of bathing. This is because forces of cohesion (are responsible that the liquid molecules stick together) are bigger than forces

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