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Jose Marti, the hero of the Cuban people, both talked about this fighter for the independence of Latin America, freed from Spanish colonial rule, several countries: "On Bolivar need to speak to the mountain top, and that thunder and blinding lightning, talk about it listened to all liberated peoples, and at their feet lay prostrate and decapitated tyranny. " Back in August 1805 on the Roman hill of Monte Sacro Simon Bolivar vowed to fight for the liberation of South America from the Spaniards, and dedicated to this great cause all my life. The overthrow of Spanish colonial rule took many years of struggle, in which lesions were interspersed with successes and brilliant victories over the forces of colonialism. In the vast expanses of Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, under the blows of the people in revolt crumbled foundations of…show more content…
On this day, soldiers of the rebel army defeated the armies of General Murillo. Battle of Boyacá and the capture of three days the city of Bogotá marked a marked a major turning point in the long war of the peoples of Latin America. Of course, after the success in Boyacá war was not once and the fight continued for nearly six years. But it is in this glorious battle elite troops of the colonialists suffered a major defeat for the first time: all Spanish troops were captured along with the commander, weapons, horses and food supplies. Once a month in Bogota celebrate this brilliant victory, in the city erected a triumphal arch in the Roman style, and balconies and windowsills of buildings adorned with banners and carpets. Solemn march passed through the main streets, strewn with flowers, the army of Simon Bolivar. Six magnificent statues representing the virtues of the republic, stood on the central square, where Simon Bolivar and other republican generals took the parade. [pic] [pic]

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