Essay About Hmong Religion

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I am going to explain how the Hmong’s religion works and how it is different from most religions. I will also write about how the Hmong’s religion works and how they live their lives. The Hmong people take their religion seriously. They would die for it. Their beliefs are different in many ways. They don’t believe in medicine. They have many rituals that are controversial. The first topic I will be explaining to you about is the Hmong religion and how it is different to other religions. For Hmong women, they believe in the existence of vital forms embodying human beings, animals, objects such as rocks and places such as rivers, mountains, forests, etc. For Hmong men, their choice of beliefs does not pose, in an extreme way, social or religious challenges because they are born as heirs of the tradition. Men are the keepers of the traditional beliefs. When a man wants to get married, he can kidnapped the women and make her his spouse. The women don’t have a choice that they get to marry. When a divorce happens, it is an unspeakable, indescribable, and unresolved issue of belonging on behalf to Hmong people. I find this religion different than most, because for almost all religions, don’t kidnap women to be their wife, and when a divorce comes up, they have to go into jury for their divorce and Hmong’s just don’t speak…show more content…
In the Book “The Spirit catches you and you Fall Down”, the Lees family has problems with the American doctors because they don’t speak the same language and Hmong people are against using medicine. Especially when there may be a time when someone is about to die, and they can communicate but I think that using medicine is strictly against their religion. It depends on the situation if the Hmong would have to use medicine to cure what may be killing the person. It is uncommon for Hmong people to use medicine because it is against their
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