Essay About Growing Up

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Myself - Growing up can be hard and tiring, and sometimes, like the theme said, you have to decide whether to do the right or wrong thing. So, when it all boils down growing up can be hard, but when growing up you have to go through the bumps. I, too, have had to go through making the choice of doing what's wrong or doing what's right. I’ve made my fair share of mistakes and regret many. I have had to decide whether to let my friends get away with something or to tell someone what they did. It can be hard to decide especially when it is something big. I've had to decide whether to tell or not to tell on a few of friends who cheated on a test, people who wanted me to do things that go against my beliefs, and times I have seen someone do something wrong. People in my grade can be quite inappropriate and don't always make wise choices. As you grow up, or at…show more content…
She had 7 kids and from them, she had about 100 grand and great grand kids. So, when she had a heart attack we had family and friends all over the country come to see her. We were scared, she couldn't talk, move, and was on a ventilator. There were very few things we could do and she was almost 89. They told our family that if we did something to wake her up she would most likely, die and it would probably cause harm and long term effect to her mentally and physically. We didn't know what to do and many people were upset. We had to decide what to do, and at that time almost everyone in our family was there. Finally our family asked the question, do we or do we not take her off the ventilator. We came to the decision to let her go it was hard, but like the one of the book themes growing up is inevitable and you have to handle decisions. It was one of the first times for me to handle a loss. But, it showed me maturity in handling tough decisions, loss, and how to handle
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