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Kirubakaran Amalraj Amalraj 1 Mr. McCarthy English IV 8 May 2008 Darfur: A genocide that we can stop Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group. At least that is how it is defined in a dictionary. But what does it personally mean to a person .The people of Darfur, Sudan have been terrorized and murdered but the U.S. has done nothing major to respond . People however became furious at Michael Vick for abusing dogs, and they worked hard to put him in jail. Why is it that nothing even close has been done when thousands of people are killed. This is not a problem that just began, this is something that has happened over the course of 20 years. But the problem mainly increased in the past 5 years, and as of last year the death toll was at 200,000 and now it is expected to be at least 300,000 (Chan: New Darfur death toll estimate). The…show more content…
On May 5th 2006 a representative from the Sudan liberation movent and a representative from the Sudanese government signed a peace treaty. It was ment to be as a method of finally ending the genocide in Darfur. However even with the peace treaty signed the genocide in Darfur continued (Daly). The attacks on the people of Darfur gets more worse every single day. In a single attack the combination of the Sudaneese army and the janjaweed 60,000 peoples lives were changed forever (Hueschen). Unlike Iraq where the government is trying to help the people of it’s country, the Sudaneese government are the one responsible for the suffering of it’s people. The European union and the African Union both say that the events in Darfur is not Genocide. However the U.S. congress disagrees (The Black Commentator). The former Nigerian president and also the former chair of the African union Obasanjo said in a press conference on September 23rd

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