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Thinking about chocolate typically brings about mouth-watering images of chocolate confectionaries such as Hershey’s, Royce, Lindor chocolates and many more. Doesn’t it sound delicious? However, it was only towards the 15th century that associated chocolate with sweetness and in 17th century that chocolate was first consumed in a solid form. Chocolate originated from Mesoamerica, where cacao beans grown from cacao trees were used to make chocolate drinks. Since raw cacao beans are bitter, the chocolate drinks made were usually bitter. Cacao was originally known as kakaw in Nahuatl, which is the language that Aztecs use. The origin of the name “chocolate” is a combination of both Mayan and Nahuatl languages. There were three different words to name the chocolate drink namely chikolati, chokolati and kakawatl. Firstly, for the word chikolati, chikol refers to the frothing stick used to stir the drink and atl means water in Nahuatl and hence chikolati became known as the ‘beaten drink’. Another word was chokolati, where the word chokol means hot in Mayan combined with atl, therefore gives the meaning of hot water. Similarly, it can also be combined to kakaw and atl, giving…show more content…
Being one brings about status and sophistication. Over the dessert table, enthusiasts would taste the chocolate the way they do to wine, deconstruct the flavors and analyze every bit of it, using quirky phrases such as ‘I can detect up to 400 flavors in a cocoa bean.’ To fully appreciate a piece of chocolate, chocolate connoisseurs use all five senses in the process of analyzing the chocolate. The idea of a good chocolate would be one that looks shiny and is empty of blemishes, feels smooth, exudes varying aromas, a satisfying sound when snapped into two and provides a taste of richness and intensity when it melts, followed by the lingering taste of the chocolate even after it is

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