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Essay ”A Journey” is a short story written by Colm Tóibín , 2006. The short story is about a small family, after twenty years of marriage, the couple finally got a son named David. When David is ca. twenty years old, he suffers of depression and spends seven months at a hospital. Now he’s going to stay at his parents’ house. David is very silent in the car on the way home and smoking one cigarette after another. His mother tries to have a conversation with him, tries to tell him about his father who hasn’t been feeling well lately, but David doesn’t want to talk or answer any questions. While they are driving home in silence David’s mother is thinking about all the things that happened in her life. When they finally get home, she goes upstairs to check up on her husband, all he wants to know is if he’s son has come home. Most of the story is taking place in the car. It is late in the evening and David’s mother is not used to drive long distances in the dark. The atmosphere is tense; David has just spent the last seven months at a hospital suffering from depression therefore he is completely silent and smokes a lot of cigarettes. His mother is really worried about him; she keeps going back in her mind trying to understand why this happened to her only son. The fact that they are in a small car makes the silence even more unbearable for her and the cigarette smoke almost made her sick. David is sitting in the back of the car which creates a distance between him and his mother. When they get home, the house seems empty. There are only two people there, David’s old nanny and his sick father upstairs. The story involves four people. David is a twenty year old young man; he’s an only child and has been suffering from depression. He has blonde hair like his mother and a small thin face which he has inherited from his father. Throughout his childhood he

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