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”A Father Like Mine” essay The story ”A father like mine” is written by Allan Hawthorn, in 1981. The history takes place in 1950 and upwards. In general is the story about a father and son realationship and the story have a very interresting sight of life. Maybe you have been in the same situation? In the texts do we meat Athur Hapgood, who work at a “shop-floor”. He is the hard working father, whos want to give his son a good education. “Arthur Hapgood was determined that unlike himself his son Mark was not going to end up working on the shop-floor of a car factory for the rest of his life” He took overtime, so he knew he had enough money to get his son a good education. “He put in hours of overtime to earn enough money to ensure that the boy could have extra tuition in maths, general science and English.” He is very rough to Mark and he will not accept that he want to be the same as ham because I thinks he deserves better. “Do you think I spent all those years making sure you got a first-class education just to let you end up like me, putting wheels on cars for the rest of life?” There is no way that Mark should be the same as him, he is not ashamed of his work, he just think Mark deserved so much better. Because he spent all the overtime money, so he could get a good education and good grades and all the money he had spent on Mark had a good influence on Marks future. It already gave Mark some good grades in school, because he won a grammar competition. Arthur felt well reward, when Mark was in school. “He felt well rewarded when the boy won a place at King Henry VIII Grammar School, and that pride did not falter when Mark went on to pass five O-levels and two years later added two A-levels.” The other person we meet in the story is Mark. Mark is Arthur’s son. Mark is a well-educated boy, who got good grades in the school and added two A-levels. “He felt well

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