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Rawan Najeeb Mrs.Timm Period E September 28, 2013 Vocabulary Essay It was a cold night in the old town as rebels were gathering to decide how they’d initiate their final assault to destroy the last standing army base. The police and the army were on high alert that day. Everyone in town remembers that day. Hundreds died because of the army’s treachery. This is the story of the darkest day in the city’s history. The battles got more destructive as months passed. Families were torn apart. Hatred and destruction spread around the city faster than a disease. The people of the city thought that obedience meant losing; the army has lost all power over the people. Anyone who obeyed the new laws of the city was called a coward and a traitor. Women volunteered to assist the rebels and treated all the wounded between the remnants of the old school. As the heroes of the city gathered and debated, their soldiers spied on the army and collected all the information needed to infiltrate the weapons warehouse in the base. The others will use this information to analyze it and present the analysis to their leaders. The rebels would ransack the warehouse, leaving nothing for the army to fight with. The leaders revised their plans over and over, until they came up with the best idea. The plan worked, but many who have survived still wish it hadn’t. The aftermath was terrifying. Blood was all over the place. Thousands have given their lives for freedom. As much as this battle destroyed the city, a few consider it an act of valor. In the end, the rebels gave up their lives for nothing. Man’s desire for power corrupted them. Tyranny and injustice has taken over, and the revolution has once again been

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