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A ACER, ACID, ACRI (bitter, sour, sharp) acerbity acrid (bitter, sharp) acrimony exacerbate AGON (contest) agony (a convulsive struggle; great mental or physical pain) antagonist (one who opposes and contends against another; an adversary) protagonist (one who AGRI, AGRO (field, farm, land) agrarian (relating to land or land ownership; farm-related agrium (A wildlife community on cultivated land or on other land subject to significant human activity) agriculture (science, art, and business of cultivating soil, producing crops, and raising livestock; farming) agromania (A morbid impulse to live in the open country, in solitude, or withdrawal from society) agronomist (A person who studies or is an expert in crop production and soil science) agronomy (theory and practice of agricultural management, crop production, and husbandry) ALI, ALLO, ALTER (other) AMBI, AMPHI (both, about) ambidextrous (using both hands with skill) ambiguity (the quality of uncertainty in meaning; multiple meanings) ambivalent (repelled and attracted at the same time) amphibian (a cold-blooded vertebrate that lives both on land and in water) amphitheater (arena theater in which the audience sits around the stage) AMBUL (walk) amble (a low, easy walk or gentle pace; a stroll) ambulance circumambulate (To walk around (something), especially as part of a ritual.) perambulator (baby carriage or pram, a four-wheeled carriage for wheeling a baby about) somnambulist (a sleepwalker) ANNI, ANNU, ENNI (year) anniversary annuity centennial perennial ANTE, ANTI (before) antebellum (before the war) antecedent (noun that comes before the pronoun) antediluvian (events and individuals in the period of history before the Biblical Flood) anticipate (To realize beforehand; to foretaste or to foresee; to expect) ANTHROP (man, human) anthropoid anthropology (the study

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