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Ronikka Tolliver Professor Fred Feltner English 112 31 March 2015 Analysis: Speech to the Troops at Tilbury Speech to the Troops at Tilbury is a famous speech delivered by the remarkable Queen Elizabeth, of England. The speech was given at Tilbury in Essex. Queen Elizabeth gave her motivational speech to persuade her troops to fight the Spanish, she does this by using the rhetorical devices of diction, imagery, foreshadowing, persuasion, repetition and logos, or logical appeal. In return for their services the troops will receive crowns and other rewards. Reading this speech, I couldn’t help but to admire Queen Elizabeth, she was one of a kind, and she was for the people, and with them, in the beginning sentence she uses the word “we” and “our” to show that she embodies the entire kingdom. During the speech she was accompanied by only six men which says a lot about her and how she feel about her people, she trusted their judgment. Queen Elizabeth uses diction throughout the entire speech to motivate and praise her troops, for instance, she refers to her people as “loving” and “faithful” praising their “loyalty”. These words allow her people to view her as kind, and caring therefore makes them want to fight for their country. Queen Elizabeth uses repetition in the speech with two main words, “we” and “my” these words give you the sense that she is standing with the troops and not giving orders. Her presence there, confirms her courageous spirit, which is a very important characteristic for a hero to possess. The theme of the speech is victory will be ours, during the speech she reiterates that there will be victory, they will win and will not be defeated. The tone was I am one of you, I will die with you if necessary.

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