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Skim and Scan the following passages. Make at list five questions for each passage. Don’t forget to make your own dictionary with the new words you come across in the passages. The Sun’s Family Planets are not stars. They have no light of their own. They can only reflect the sun’s light. There are nine planets in the sun’s family of planets. They are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The sun’s family is called the solar system. Mercury is the smallest planet of the solar system. Venus is a beautiful planet. It has a soft light. It is often called the evening star and sometimes it is also called the morning star, although of course it is not really a star. Mars has a bright red light. Are there people on Mars? Perhaps we can find out now, with our modern space rockets. Jupiter is the next planet. It is a giant planet, and its light is very bright. Saturn has a lot of rings around it, and Jupiter has four moons. Uranus, too, has four moons around it. Earth and Neptune have only one moon each. A moon is a satellite. An Annual General Meeting The chairman says: Ladies and gentlemen, we have met today for the Annual General Meeting of our Students’ Union. I am going to make use of this opportunity to tell you about some of the things we have done during the past year. We have increased our membership. Our committee has enrolled thirty new members, so our numbers have now gone up to one hundred and fifty. The Union has organized many social activities during the year. We have arranged two trips for our members. One was a visit to an oil refinery, and the other was a boating party on the lake, with a picnic on the island. We have not been idle in the field of sport. We have already has two swimming matches, one against the students of the Technical College and the other against the University

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