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Internet Activism: Informing the World One Like, Retweet, and Reblog at a Time Hello there! You there! I want you to think about what you did this morning. You turn on your computer, turn on the television, and read the latest magazine around the world. What’s on the latest headlines? “Kim Kardashian is found high along with Kanye at a McDonalds!” or “Justin Bieber once again in jail! Find out why inside!” You wake up to a set of mediocre news reports and begin to question if these guys have journalism degrees or not. Most media sources today are publishing articles that would be considered fluff pieces. Now, it becomes Breaking News when Lindsay Lohan is found doing cocaine once again, when there is a possible Second Cold War between the US and Russia. In today’s modern and technological society, the public has taken action and began informing and mass publishing the world headlines that matter, with one secret tool that everyone uses today: social media. The internet has become an alternative source to find what is REALLY going on around the world. A new wave of reporters is beginning to inform the public of controversial topics and allows for the reader to take action on which side they prefer. While critics of online activism argue how online activism doesn’t get anything done, they are technically wrong since internet activism provides as a supplement to traditional activism. Also it puts big time corporations and businesses in check, allows censored countries to speak out and hope for revolution, and helps raise funds and awareness for little known causes. In today’s modern age, less and less people go to turn on the television or check their local newspaper for their news. Instead, people will turn on their computers or check their smartphones for the latest news. When a user loads a news website a range of categories will pop up, from Latest Gossip on

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