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Title: Case of Bartling v. Superior Court Name: Edinah M. Neko Rasmussen College Author Note This paper is being submitted on November /19/2014, for Gina Farrell in M230 Medical Law and Ethics. Case of Brattling v. Superior Court The case of Brattling v. Superior Court introduces a 70 year old man who was not expected to live more than one year having suffered from multiple nonterminal but serious illness. The man had executed legal documents declaring his wish to die by withdrawing life supporting machines. The doctor in charge of the old man had refused to grant him his wishes so did the court(Matthews, 1987). It is the responsibility of the hospital to ensure that it attends to all its patients irrespective of their health condition. For the case above, the hospital had all the responsibility to treat the old man despite his wish to die and not live on life supporting machines. The hospital values life and failure to treat him will contravene the moral responsibility of the hospital. Glendale Adventist being a Christian hospital is devoted to the preservation of life hence it would be unethical for the hospital physician to disconnect life-support system from patients viewed to have the potential for cognitive, sapient life(“Bartling v. Superior court”, 1984). The hospital believes it is their responsibility to treat the patient since they expressed their concern about their potential civil and criminal liability should they accede to Mr. Bartling’s wishes to withdraw life-supporting machine. The hospital had the responsibility to treat Mr. Bartling since his condition had not been categorized as terminal. If they had gone ahead and withdrawn the life supporting machine then it could have been treated as assistance to suicide and this could degrade the integrity of the medical profession(“Bartling v. Superior court”, 1984). The doctors know

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