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Corporal punishment should be allowed in school? Corporal punishment is an offensive act in term of physical torture. In the 21st century some schools are still using the corporal punishment. By the way corporal punishment can not be proper way to discipline children. The term , ‘Corporal punishment’ that affects the human body adversely. This could be form of beating, trashing or even whipping. Moreover, such kind of punishment may sometimes physically impair a student a student for his whole life. This essay will focus on the negative effect on corporal punishment on school’s teaching system. There are few reasons why corporal punishment should be banned. Corporal punishment is ineffective for behavioral education for students. Before may people considered that punishment temporarily would stops unwanted behavior. Unfortunately it will return at the same rate or more worse. Though corporal punishment has been banned in most schools all over the world, cases of teachers beating up children have been in rise especially in Asia. Although corporal punishment might seem way to teach students discipline. In contrast , only a temporarily act and bad behaviour will come back even stronger. This explains why corporal punishment in Korea is so severe. 70% of South Korean schools using corporal punishment. According to Australian tv documentary describes the South Korean situation as at January 2011. At that point the government was said to be planning to extend the CP ban nationwide but had not yet done so. The film focuses to the angry teachers still using corporal punishment in the school. In 2002, the South Korean Ministry of Education stipulated specific guidelines about the use of corporal punishment, stating that the punishment must take place at a separate place, accompanied by a third person, where the instrument of punishment must be a straight piece

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