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Extended Essay Employee internet abuse Employee internet abuse has become a significant problem although the internet brings convenience and efficiency to corporations in the modern life. Employee internet abuse is defined as a phenomenon which workers surf irrelevant website, use IM/P2P software, watch video or play games during their work time. The New York Times fired 22 employees in Virginia for allegedly distributing potentially offensive e-mail, 40 staffs were terminated by Xerox because they surfing sex and shopping on the internet during their work time(Young, 2001). This essay will first discuss problems that employee internet abuse brings to corporations and staff themselves, then explore solutions to implement effective corporate initiatives for companies to improve employee internet management practices. Finally, the solutions will be evaluated. Lost productivity Employee internet abuse may result in lost of company’s productivity. Stewart (2000) reports that employers lost billions of earning caused by staff internet abuse. According to Conlin (2000), companies lose $5.3 billion in production delays because of workers’ online shopping, stock trading, online chatting and other internet activities during their work time. Furthermore, employee internet abuse may lead to repeated turnover costs to corporations. Staff who are found to abuse the internet are enforced to be fired and this cost companies extraneous expense in the recruitment for new hires which will definitely reduce productivity of the corporation (Young, 2001). The poor worker productivity and job turnover increases caused by employee internet abuse tend to lead to the company’s economic loss. Negative publicity Employee internet abuse may also result in negative publicity for a company. There is a research launched by Telemate.Net

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