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Word count: 940 ‘The medium of film is enriching as it is able to transmit powerful themes and/or social issues to an audience, leaving them with a new understanding.’ Explain how this statement is true of the set film you have studied. The expression of film transcends other media in its innate ability to immerse the audience in a vivid sensory experience, inspiring a heightened understanding of its compositional zeitgeist. Duncan Jones controversial film Moon delves into the decadence perpetuated by the overwhelming social stress placed upon sufficient energy around the world. As a result Duncan is able to explore the dominant themes of what it means to be human, nature of identity and corporate morality and ethics. The medium of film seamlessly integrates the unbridled social issues and themes captivated in Duncan’s film, enriching the audience with a new understanding through an enhanced aural and visual form. There are many debates and forums around the world that argue the point ‘What it means to be Human’. Duncan Jones brings the topic forward once more during his controversial movie “Moon”. This powerful theme and social issue is brought forward towards the climax of the film when Gerty says to Sam “Sam, there was no crash. You were being awakened. It’s a standard procedure for all new clones to be given tests” this scene with voice-overs, lighting and master shot camera angles, sets the first dilemma in Sam Bells adventure of finding out who and what he is. Gerty’s formal tone “its a standard procedure” immediately establishes the foreseen intent and consequent immorality of their exploits. Furthermore, when Sam asks Gerty “am I a clone?” it is clear the pervading smoke of confusion has been lifted with only the reminisce of shock remaining. This gives the audience a new understanding with a particular emphasis placed upon the social injustices

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