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For each statement, indicate which description best reflects your HIGHEST level of experience. You must include a narrative response to support your choices. Including a short statement of support for your choices will help ensure that your experience, education and training are fully credited. Click on "Attach Resume and Supporting Documents" from the right-hand menu to submit your transcripts, additional text, and/or resume. Ability to effectively solve problems. Identifies problems; determines accuracy and relevance of information; uses sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives, and to make recommendations. Applies logic and reasoning to identify alternatives to resolve routine problems. Reacts to and solves problems by gathering and applying information from standard materials or sources that provide a few alternatives. Uses logic to identify alternatives to complex problems, identifying and evaluating potential solutions. Alternatives provided are often not conventional or routine. Resolves moderately difficult problems by gathering and evaluating information from a variety of sources that provide several alternatives. For example, recommends alternative approaches for completion of projects. Experience, education, or training less than the levels described above. None of the above. Fill in narrative. (Up to 4,000 characters of text) in the open field below to support your response to the question above. You can copy and paste information from another document into the text box below. Spell Check Save and Continue Editing on this Page Application Instructions (do not include classified information) Skill to function effectively in a stressful environment. This job requires work in a stressful environment where risks or threats are not readily identifiable. USCP Police Officers are

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