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Adam Kim English 201 Ms.Garg Peer review Partner: Rosemarie Roman Compare and Contrast on friendships and family When we make first friendships with someone. How we interact with people is the first point to start . Like before you reach out to them you need to behave in certain ways . Lots of friends you encounter today have lots of different reaction depending on their background. It’s not because they try to manipulate you and it’s just based on their own heritage. When you try to relate to someone you got to take some steps go through so it’s just not you are saying “let’s just be friends”. When you do social networking with someone, everyone themselves will be perceived way more differently than yours. Therefore there’s a community that organizes a school activity for inviting the students who are willing to engage in meeting new people at the school campus. Here are some main points for how we ourselves need to strive for how we connect our friendship to others. First of all , we use facebook, twitter, Space , you tube ,etc. So we normally send friend requests to someone you have only met and talked to . Then we thoroughly keep in touch with them and update each other on facebook. By using social networking sites we also tend to subscribe to the news such as government politics , celebrities, etc. Those who are the fans of these pages comment on whatever the news pages come up on the newsfeed. We get lots of information from what we subscribed to . Sometimes we found something really offensive by what we commented on friends post and uploaded the photos. When using social networking we need to consider our actions before we update something so that people do not get offended by what you say to them .Therefore social networking is something that we use

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