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There are numerous lifestyle choices that influence life expectancy in developed countries. Through comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the factors influencing life expectancy. This essay will argue that some factor of the life of an individual in developed countries have caused concerns such as lifestyle, science and technology, health, culture and money. Lifestyle can be defined as “?a typical way of life, as health experts often regulate, it could affect the health and life expectancy of an individual”? (Awudza, 2013). This essay will discuss both positive and negative effects of lifestyle, money and culture of the individuals in the developed countries. The first main aspect is that an unhealthy lifestyle may lead to health issues. The health of an individual depends a lot on their lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can affect large amount of people, especially for adolescents and younger adults, the elderly people. For example, People require high quality and good sleep. In other words, a good habit could refresh the mind of an individual. Lack of sleep may not help in fighting off serious health issues. Sleep-deprived people are said to be at a higher risk of dying from heart disease (Web MD, 2010). As a result, the physical fitness and health have improved by means of a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, An individual who have a healthy lifestyle is different than people who do not have a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle have assisted individual in having a better physical and mental state when they become older, which means that people are able to extend their lives. By contrast, the fitness of those people who do not have a healthy lifestyle is recessing faster and faster. There are diseases such as dementia ,diabetes mellitus, cancer and osteoporosis. Diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and atherosclerotic diseases which are

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