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Imagine hiring a person who was lazy, never came to work on time and never presented themselves the way they should; it seems like a nightmare. Employers need someone who is hardworking, dependable and someone who has a great personality. Luckily, I have those qualities with tons of experience. I consider myself very hardworking. Currently I am employed as a cashier at McDonald’s and I try my best to get as many hours as I can. Five months ago, when I first started my job there, I had no experience as a cashier. My managers knew how hard working I was in school, therefore they knew I could get the job done. I remember my manager telling me, “This is exactly what we needed, someone hardworking like you.” I started working at McDonald’s on October 2nd, 2013 and after my first day, I worked everyday for the rest of that week. I would categorize myself as a very dependable person because every time another employee didn’t show up or called out of work, I was always the person to call. Since I’ve been working there, the managers always say I’m a dependable person and I never show them otherwise. I remember it was a Sunday, I was working at McDonald’s and that has always been the day that a lot of senior citizens come there. The woman came to register and started placing her order, and right away she told me I had a beautiful smile. By the time I returned the change back to her, she told me I deserved a tip and handed me a fine dollar bill. At that moment, my manager knew I had a great personality towards others and I had a five dollar bill to prove it. Many people may think that teenagers don’t take their job serious and the managers wouldn’t want to hire them, but I am different in many ways. I am dependable, hardworking and I have a great personality, in which most teenagers lack. I believe I can excel in any job I obtain because I have the greatest qualities

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