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Date: Saturday, April 26, 2014 Harish Case Details Dear Habibi as we discussed regarding Harish Case I am writing you full details for the case. This is in year 2005, January when me and my brother Sanjay went in the jail and there was no one outside to follow our cases, one of our Business and family friend named HARISH CHUGHANI owner of MOLDEN trading LLC Tel No. +97142254564 and Mob. No. +971506593946 shop location inside FIKREE Mkt, Murshid Bazar, Deira Dubai. As he was our family friend also he came so many to see me in Central Jail and he told me he want to help me and will negotiate with my complaining parties and settle all my case and let me and my brother Sanjay come out but he told me that he can only go and speak with the parties and settle but I have to arrange cash. There was no option left other than accepting his offer and trusting on him, at the same time I don't have cash but he knows that I have Two Shops in the market and One Office in Gargash Centre and also I have Two Ware Houses in Al Awir and there were lots of goods lying in my ware house as well as in the shops as we were into wholesale ELECTRONICS BUSINESS he was also in the same trade. So he push me to sale all my Shops and goods to get some funds and he promised me he will help me to sell all these goods and shops and once he will get the funds he will speak to my complainers and settle with them so I don't have any other option other than this and also I have some recovery from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and other customers. I told all my customers to transfers my money to him. But he played with me and he made Power of Attorney on my Cousin's name and he sold one of my shop and take Key Money and he transferred all my goods lying in my ware houses and in my shops to his warehouse and also my customers transferred my money to him as they also want to help me and I have

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