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hello everyone I'm juki. I ask a question do your like travel ? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? do you want to travel space ? so I will talk about space travel ,a few days ago ,I saw a blog about a student from unisa will maybe travel mars ,but that is one way tickets a because he took part in an activity ,a company hold a select competition. he was selected in future, we will maybe travel space . everyone’s dream will be come true this news from BBC about a British astronaut Peaker a major will be set to go into space next year,now he is undergoing intensive training. because he will spend 6 month on international space station.He told BBC news humanity’s aim is to explore the solar system, and not just for the sake of exploration , I believe it is for the sake of our own survival in future. next I will talk about reaching out its means touch ,the author visit ISS lab and asked Peake this mission can inspire people how to inspire , they are going to get the public involved in naming the mission for instance design meal .following the writer in ISS the vast hall seems like an untidy giant’s playroom. but through hall the showing the a true to life representation of the columbus module. Peake told writer how to operate into ISS now, I have a question, if you want to became astronaut,only brave is ok ? next I will told your it’s not ,not only brave but need do much more for example you are likely to plumbers or electricians. you must do all sorts of job. there are experiments including watching how microbes grow in space creating new types of metal alloys in zero gravity. in the space finding things about our bodies, the astronaut don’t spend more than 6 month on the ISS .because of exposure to radiation and weightlessness for a long time .finally the one of the main mission to sending humans to Mars ,in

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