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SUMMARY Astrid Young, a 27-year-old graduate in WSU, who worked at Western Oceanography Institute on the Microsoft NT conversion project. She runs into some issues related to ineffective communication during the process, which threatens the completion of the conversion project. ANALYSIS As we can see from the case, Astrid Young has the requisite technical expertise for her job but unsatisfactory communication skills. She is clearly not an effective project manager. She pays little attention on building harmonious relationships with project stakeholders (Chart1). This results in the failure of the conversion project. Chart1*WOI: An independently funded research facility with 60 full-and part-time staff working irregular hours.*Ahment Green: An oceanography professor, Young’s director on the project.*Part-time Team: 5 student assistants from the computer science department, who are bright and competent and anxious to leverage this work experience into a lucrative career upon graduation. | Young made not a few mistakes during the whole process before the meeting she has with the director and other staff who are in the fit of anger. I will illustrate every mistake in detail in the following pages. I. Ignored the importance of building relationships with other staff. Young introduced herself to the staff when she arrived at WOI. But she failed to do the job of maintaining the relationship after that during her first four months. As the case shows, Young spent most of the time with WOI’s information system and the conversion project instead of communicating with the staff. Also, because of her food allergies, she skipped the informal staff lunches at nearby restaurants. Gradually, she even cut the biweekly staff meetings and only shown up when there was specific topic relating to her own operation. Obviously, Young only cares her very own business and

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