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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan Modular Examinations Spring 2001 March 12, 2001 FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH MODULE “A” (Paper-A1) (MARKS 100) (3 hours) Q.1 Choose the correct form of verbs in the following: a. One – third of the dishes in the crate (was/were) broken. b. If Richard (was/were) in the city last week, he probably attended the convention. c. There (is/are) several important decisions to be made. d. Ibrahim obviously wishes that he (was/were) in charge of his department. e. Every man and woman present (was/were) asked to sign the petition. f. Tracy would make a good department head if he (was/were) more forceful. g. Most of the writing on the first two pages (is/are) illegible. h. Harry told me that he would hire more salespeople if he (was/were) in my position. (12) Identify the correct spellings in the following sets and give the meaning of the choice made: a. I. Independent 2. Indepandent 3. Independant b. I. Iresistible 2. Irresistible 3. Irresistable c. I. Privlege 2. Privledge 3. Privilege d. I. Persue 2. Pursue 3. Presue e. I. Secratary 2. Secretery 3. Secretary f. I. Necesary 2. Necessery 3. Necessary g. I. License 2. Licence 3. Licanse h. I. Grammer 2. Grammar 3. Gremmer Give single words for the following phrases: a. Lasting one day b. Word for word c. To change to stone d. Unable to pay one’s debts e. The outfit of a new born baby f. Schedule attached to a report. g. A chairman’s hammer h. The framework of a car i. To compensate for loss or damage j. A list showing the order in which a number of persons have to perform certain duties. Insert prepositions in the following: a. These terms are very harsh; I doubt that CEO will agree ______ them. b. I’m afraid that I have to agree ________ your opinion about the new actuary. c. The trainees are not yet conversant ________ our mode of operation. d. The new aircraft that your

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