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Jenny Lee English 11 September 17, 2013. Mammals * My myth is about mammals, because they are incredible. When we look at Earth now, we think.. “How was everyone, every animal, every living organism created?” That’s what I want to know. Earth has a lot of species, it must have taken years even decades. * Our generation now, is nothing like how it was a billion years ago. When I look back at how there were dinosaurs, it’s extremely shocking. The reason to this is because it went from dinosaurs to actual human beings. * For instance, the Indians, they were brave, because they didn’t have anything that the generation 2013 have. The creation for mammals, I think it was intentional because, I think it passed down from dinosaurs, to Indians to us. Mammals in this world was not accidental. * It all happened with reproduction, the world now is constantly changing. The population of mammals in some countries is decreasing. Some animals are very strange, like for instance, snails can hibernate for three years. The first back- boned animals were known as vertebrates. The first land vertebrates rise up to the reptiles, which in return, rise up the birds and mammals. * That’s when humans come in, because humans were created first by the chimpanzees. When you think about it, they was no humans, let’s say about 3 million years ago. All there was, was dirt and sand, or not even that. There was no grass, or flowers. I’m guessing after the vertebrates were created, the spirits or the angels up high in the sky, wanted more of mammals to be on the Earth. * That’s when reptiles, amphibians, every animal you could name were created. Humans had an important role to Earth, everything they did had an impact on the world. The world began with the humans on the earth. As I’m sitting here, I’m thinking what would it be like, if humans weren’t

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